When to Rock Your Crop Top

picture girl

Crop tops are the ‘in-thing’ in case you haven’t been paying attention. This trend appears to be seemingly here for good. Pulling off a glamorous look with a crop top can turn out to be harder than it seems. Sometimes the outfit may seem wrong for an occasion, or maybe you aren’t comfortable with your entire look. There are numerous ways you can make the outfit work for you. Below are some places and occasions that offer the opportunity to slay your crop top collection.

When Doing Working Out

Let’s admit it; we all love showing off our gains at the gym. Take advantage of this opportunity and grab one of your crop tops and a pair of gym shorts. While working out in a crop top, ab exercises will feel slightly comfortable. This is because your tummy is kept cool due to exposure to the environmental temperature. Also, observing how toned your body is, provides enough motivation to keep you working out.

Going to the Park

If you’re not in the mood to head out in a bikini, a crop top serves as a perfect alternative. The outfit provides a balanced in exposure and coverage. Consider a backless crop top and a pair of high-waist jeans or shorts. This look will allow your back and legs to catch some rays while at the park easily.

To Brunch

First of all, it’s brunch; you can wear whatever you want. If it’s during the summer, you can opt to go light and colorful with your outfit. Get yourself a look that complements your body and beauty without looking like you’re trying too hard to impress. Some white denim jeans or shorts with a floral crop top are worth trying.

To a Summer Party

Party looks deserve to be stunning. You don’t want your name to miss out when people are reminiscing on the outstanding things at the party. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot keep things simple. A jacket, pair of jeans and a crop top does it for most ladies.

To a Date

Dates are one of the situations that beg for a crop top, especially date nights. Keep it classy and make sure you are not exposing too much skin. Carry a blazer to spice up the look and still keep you warm in case it gets cold at night. Make sure you don’t forget to take pictures. Special moments and good looks deserve a picture or two.

I’m sure by now, you are smiling and can’t wait to try out different ideas popping up in your mind. What are you waiting for? Go and have fun looking beautiful.