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Three Watches to Give to Your Men

Men’s watches may look simple in design, but there might be some details that you miss. If you want to buy your loved one a watch, you need to make sure that he won’t feel embarrassed about wearing it in his everyday activities because some designs may not fit well with your man’s style. Besides, if he’s into extreme sports, you should factor shock and water resistance features in.

However, we’ve brought you this article that can save you a lot of time researching things on your own. Here are three watches that are best for your men!

1. Men’s Hugo Boss Rafale Chronograph Watch

Hugo Rafale watch is known for its classy yet sporty design. It can combine those two qualities into a handsome profile that can bring out the best character of a man. Its conventional and flawless chronograph mechanism is also one impressive feature of the watch that can remind us again about the beauty of the mechanical design.

This watch is also manufactured to withstand water pressure up to 50 m deep, which makes it safe to wear if your man loves fishing, sailing, or swimming. It also won’t impede his mobility during the rainy season.

2. Casio Watches

casio watchCasio G-Shock series is the best alternative if your man does not like leather straps. One advantage of Casio’s resin strap is that it can absorb impact if the watch falls. Besides, the resin also covers the watch’s case entirely, which makes it shock-proof, as the name of the product says.

Moreover, Casio’s watches offer both digital and chronograph displays. The digital model comes in square shapes, while the chronograph in much rounder shapes. What’s better is that Casio has frogman technology, which makes this series can withstand underwater pressure up to 200 m deep.

3. Rolex Sports

If we want to talk about a brand that can accommodate just any gentleman’s style, then Rolex is the main subject. The classy quality is represented by the dominant chrome and precious metallic colors in the watch’s design. However, those profiles do not mean that the wearers are fragile men who are not up to challenges. Rolex Sports series has the Submariner model that can withstand 300m deep underwater pressure and Sea-Dweller that is waterproof even if you reach 1,200m underwater.

Moreover, there are other designs that are inspired by other sports, such as Daytona, Milgauss, Sky-Dweller, and Yacht-Master. This brand might be the most expensive compared to the others, but if you love your man, then there is no such thing as too expensive, is it?…