Food Is the New Fashion: Explaining the Trend of Restaurants in Shopping Malls

a person serving food

Whenever people refer to food as the new fashion trend, the average people may refer back to Martha Stewart’s famous phrase stating that food is indeed becoming the latest trend when it comes to fashion. However, the same sentence also holds another definition as it relates to the most recent phenomenon where shopping malls seem to be overwhelmed by the idea of building sit-down restaurants in the area to attract more people and prospective customers. Instead of going for fashion items and clothes, people are more likely to visit one of these restaurants to enjoy the delicacy, and it is exactly why people nowadays have been comparing these restaurants with fashion items. Thus, it is safe to conclude that food is indeed the most appropriate term that replaces the essence of fashion in stores.

plates of food on the table

The above explanation pretty much highlights the statement that food has been the newest commodity that substitutes fashion items that once dominated every stall in every department store. Thus, let us begin the discussion by reiterating the statement that sit-down restaurants have been a common practice in department stores, and this article tries to explain the causes and the reasons why the phenomenon happens.

The Rise of Online Shopping

indoor restaurant at nightThe latest statistics show that the numbers of shopping mall visitors have fallen about one percent since online shopping became popular back then in 2011. For this reason, the developers have been striving to try new marketing methods to restore its popularity. One of the most effective ways is by cooperating with prominent food brands with thousands of enthusiasts and launching their new franchises in the department store to attract more buyers. The same concept also applies to smaller-scale brands and stores, and they need to execute this plan to survive.


A Trend to Follow

Despite the fact that online shopping is still on the rise, and department stores are already implementing the food-related marketing strategy, another phenomenon arises as a result of what people refer to as food business. Stores are turning into vibrant food centers, and many believe that the phenomenon is an early indication that the era of food courts is somewhere near the ending. For this reason, it is indeed not an exaggeration when people start defining food as the latest fashion trend, of course, in its contested meaning.