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Angelo R. Turetta

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. In the ’70s and ’80 he started working in the avantguarde theatre. Following that he collaborated with Contrasto as a portraitist and reporter, being social themes, national and international, with a special focus on the city of Rome, his main interests.

In ’94 his photography travel , lasting 18 months, through the territories controlled by the “camorra” was started. Since ’93 he carries a broad research on Italian movie environemnt.

He teaches photojournalism at the IED (Istituto Europeo del Design) and through Contrasto he collaborates with several Italian and international magazines.

His works as a still photographer in the movie industry has been awarded several times prizes at the CliCiak Festival. In 2001 he has won the 1st Prize (art section) at the World Press Photo.



scan050Massimo Mastrorillo

Massimo Mastrorillo Photographer, born in Turin but living in Rome. After studying at the University of Perugia, he graduated in photography at the European Institute of Design. He worked mainly in long-term photographic projects devoted to the analysis of the profound consequences of conflicts and natural disasters in society.

Some of the main projects are: “Mozambique, a nation in the balance between poverty and Dream“, “Indonesia: Just Another Day,” “The Width of the Line“, “White Murder“, “Temporary? Landscapes “,” Bosnia and Herzegovina: if Chaos awakens the Madness “,” Life after Zero Hour “and” Aliqual “. 

The awards: World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year International (third prize Magazine photographer of the year) and Best of Photojournalism (third prize Magazine photographer of the year), PDN Photo Annual, International Photographer of the Year at the 5th Annual Lucie Awards, the Sony World Photography Awards and the Aftermath Grant (finalist in 2011). “Aliqual” project on the earthquake in L’Aquila was nominated for the Prix Pictet.

Mastrorillo is working on ” The Sea is Us”, a project on the property confiscated from the mafia criminal organizations in Italy. In 2011 he founded the collective Mastodon, along with Canadian photographer Donald Weber and at Larry Frolick writer, with whom he worked on the project: “Life After Zero Hour”, on the consequences of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

It was Talent Manager for LUZ, one of the major Italian photographic agencies, and is the founder of Luz Academy, a photography school where he is director of teaching and teacher. Leica’s Ambassador in Italy and lecturer at the Leica Akedemie in Italy. He is a member and founder of D.O.O.R., a Roman workshop that deals with photography, visual arts and publishing.



Pamela Piscicelli

Born in Atessa (CH) in 1978. After legal studies at the University La Sapienza in Rome, she devoted to photography and writing. In 2011 Pamela completed the three-year master of the Roman School of Photography.

In 2012 she followed the course of 3/3 on editing and construction of the photo book. She also attended workshops with Rob Hornstra, Gerry Johansson, Rinko Kawauchi, Anouk Kruithof, Joachim Schmid, Donald Weber.

Pamela was the director of communications for the publishing house Postcart, the press officer and editor of the magazine Rearviewmirror and she worked as a photographic consultant with the study DER * LAB.

Her photographic work is represented by the Luzphoto in the “Avantgarde” dedicated to young talents. She is one of the founders of D.O.O.R. a Roman factory for the creation and promotion of visual culture.



Paolo Cenciarelli

P. Cenciarelli is an Italian photographer and director based in Rome. After earning a degree in industrial design and visual communication, he turns his way to photography as a medium for expressing his passions and creativity.

Largely influenced by international underground realities, his approach to photography is instantly recognizable and translated into editorial and commercial commissions.

Since he was twenties he was requested by a number of prominent clients, including Nike, Playstation, Herz, BNL, Nissan Europe, Nissan, Banca Carige, ACEA, Sony Music, SIGO , Heineken, Medusa Film, Italo NTV.

After being represented as a portraitist at the PHOTO-MASI Milan agency and subsequently at the Grazia Neri International agency today he is represented by the production company THE KITCHEN PHOTO pro- duction of Rome. He is one of the founders della Roman Factory D.O.O.R.


Pierangelo Francia

Andrea Catoni

Andrea was born in Reggio Emilia in1971. He now lives in Rome with his family. He started to take photos as an amateur at the age of 18. While studying at the Università La Sapienza in Rome he often visited the Faculty of Communication Sciences in order to follow the courses of Oliviero Toscani. At the same time he followed a specialization course held by the photographer Franco Cardini.

In 1996 he took the decision to devote himself exclusively to photography, his passion. He started collaborating with the newspaper ‘Latina Oggi’, with the monthly ‘Quattro zampe’ and, as their only photographer, with “Target Magazine”. Between 1997 and 2003 he was still photographer for the opera productions of “Opera Festival” and “New Opera Festival”, part of the “Roman Summer” sponsored by the City of Rome.
In 1998 “Eralov” presented an exhibition of his work in support of the association Miciopolis; he illustrated Piero Arcioni’s book “Gatti, gattucci, gattacci”; he published Sergio Zavoli’s portrait for the academic anthology “Il sofà delle fusa – 40 Accademici raccontano il loro Gatto“, published by the dall’Accademia dei Gatti Magici and presented by the association Civita in Rome.

In 2001 he joined Tau Visual, the National Association of Professional Photographers. The following year 2 of his photos were included within the 100 (selected from the works submitted by 300 professional authors) shown in a charity collective exhibition organized by the association at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan.
In 2002 in Florence he exhibited within the show “Festa nazionale del gatto”; one of his photos was selected for the poster of the event, organized by the City of Florence. In those years he set up his own studio, where together with his work in portraiture and architecture, he organizes photography courses, with particular attention to shooting techniques, black and white, printing, composition and image reading.

In 2007 he approached still photography for movies, taking photos for a video of the band “Le vibrazioni”, featuring Riccardo Scamarcio, Paolo Bonolis and Sabrina Impacciatore. He then started a collaboration with director Pupi Avati, as a unit still photographer for the movies “I ragazzi del bar Margherita”, with Diego Abatantuono, Luigi Locascio, Fabio de Luigi, Laura Chiatti and Neri Marcoré; “Il figlio più piccolo”, with Christian De Sica, Laura Morante, Luca Zingaretti and Nicola Nocella; “Una sconfinata giovinezza”, with Francesca Neri and Fabrizio Bentivoglio; and “Il cuore grande delle ragazze”, with Micaela Ramazzotti and Cesare Cremonini. He also worked on the set of director Eugenio Cappuccio for the movie “Se sei così ti dico sì”, with Belen Rodriguez and Fabrizio Solfrizzi. Andrea won the first prize in the section Black and white portrait at “CliCiak Concorso nazionale per fotografi di Scena, 14° edizione” in 2011, with a backstage image taken during the shooting of “Il figlio più piccolo”.

The autumn of 2011 sees the publication of the book “Un poeta fuori dal coro”, edited by Adriano Pintaldi, Roma Film Festival, featuring a whole chapter dedicated to Andrea’s portraits of Pupi Avati. In April 2012 the jury of the 15° edition of CliCiak assigned a special mention to his images from the shooting of “Il cuore grande delle ragazze”. He has recently completed the photo shooting for Pupi Avati’s “Un matrimonio”, a TV drama produced by RAI with Micaela Ramazzotti, Katia Ricciarelli, Flavio Parenti and Christian De Sica.


Pierangelo Francia

Pierangelo Francia

Born in Rome, he approached the camera as a self taught photographer, however the passion for photography was so high he started studying history of photography.
After a trip in Cambodia in 2000 some of his photos have been published in a book for an international NGO for a project in the Country. In 2001 he set up with his wife a little publishing house for international essays.

He followed then a long master with the italian artist Rodolfo Fiorenza who taught him all the tricks of dark room. Since 2003 he is the responsible in Italy for Tetenal products, the german manifacturer for B/W products since 1847. He continues teaching basic principles of darkroom in the Raset laboratory in Rome.