Black and White Photo Contest 2016

The judging comitee wishes to thank all participants of the 1st edition of the Black&White International Award. Choosing the first prize was an arduous task due to the quality and caliber of the pictures submitted.

In judging the pictures, the jury took into account new photography concepts and awarded those who dared to explore photography with a modern language giving an innovative and contemporary take on themes at times already known.

The submitted pictures exibited a wide range of conceptual and procedural tecniques. The judging comitee selected images that infused emotion over images that exibited perfect tecnique.

Unfortunately two categories, i.e. Facebook and Instant, have been removed. Concerning the Facebook Category this is because a large number of candidates bought “like”, by using application and fake profiles, after entering their images. Due to the impossibility to check thoroughly such entries the jury is compelled to cancel this category. Regarding the Instant Category the number of participants was very poor thus the impossibility of choosing a winner.

Nonetheless entry fees will be reimbursed to all candidates who participated to both categories!



Best Single Shot

1st prize – Paulo Monteiro

2nd prize – Erh Tsu Wei

3rd prize – Paola Rizzi

Best Series

1st prize – Chris Kirby

2nd prize – Gabriele Bulsara

3rd prize – Wenjie Zhang

Congratulations to the winners!

The honorable mentions will be announced in the next days!

Many thanks to all partecipants!!



By the  cultural organization “Immagine latente”

Black and White International photo contest award 2016

Candidates are called to enter their images in ANALOGUE or in DIGITAL format. Digital pictures will not necessarily have to be shot with cameras (as also pictures shot with any digital device will be accepted).

ROME will be both the departure and the arrival of the context as the first prize winners of Black and White International Photo Contest 2016 will be awarded trip and/or accommodation in the city.

Through the use of photography’s universal language the Black and White International Photo Contest Award Rome aims to promote the dialogue among different cultures and people.

Furthermore the goal is to enhance on a large scale the divulgation and rediscovery of black and white art, a source of beauty and evocative power able to give immortality to images and to express every day life intensity and feelings.

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