Black and White Photo Contest 2016

Thanks for participating with such enthusiasm to the first edition of the
Black&White International Award

We are happy to have got plenty of images to choose from.
Our jury will meet and start selecting pictures at the end of August.

The names of winners will be published by the end of September on our website and Facebook page.

Good luck and good light!


By the  cultural organization “Immagine latente”

Black and White International photo contest award 2016

Candidates are called to enter their images in ANALOGUE or in DIGITAL format. Digital pictures will not necessarily have to be shot with cameras (as also pictures shot with any digital device will be accepted).

ROME will be both the departure and the arrival of the context as the first prize winners of Black and White International Photo Contest 2016 will be awarded trip and/or accommodation in the city.

Through the use of photography’s universal language the Black and White International Photo Contest Award Rome aims to promote the dialogue among different cultures and people.

Furthermore the goal is to enhance on a large scale the divulgation and rediscovery of black and white art, a source of beauty and evocative power able to give immortality to images and to express every day life intensity and feelings.

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